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It's a tv serie that honors the brazilian singer, composer and writer Francisco Buarque de Holanda.

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marjorie estiano

Marjorie Estiano is a brazilian singer and actress who premiered today on a TV show called "Amor em 4 atos".

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Um programa apresentado pela Fernanda Lima, onde se fala sobre coisas quentes, que provavelmente te farao rir e ficar exitado. Siga @andffbr.

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Hashtag criada para mostrar orgulho de viver ou ter nascido no Par, estado da regio Norte do Brasil.

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In this Jan. 12, Bethlehem celebrates 395 years of foundation. A celebration party will happen in the Docks at Pier House and the 11 windows.

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Un programa de TV Brasilea.. A Brazilian TV show..

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It is a brazilian hashtag that people are using to tweet about their reactions, feelings and opinions during the Roberto Carloss special Christmas show which is been airing on TV tonight (Dec. 25/2010).

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UFBA is the Federal University of Bahia, located in the city of Salvador, Brazil.

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