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the ultimate series finale in a long time.

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The Archers is a @bbcradio4 drama airing its 60th anniversary episode.

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nicholas courtney

Nicholas Courtney, best known for playing Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in Doctor Who, had died aged 81.

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Red Nose Day.

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People are tweeting to confirm once they have voted in today's UK General Election. They are adding their postcode to contribute to a Google map.

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The new season of the UK's 'The Apprentice' has begun tonight on BBC1. Their task is to make and sell sausages.

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The Grand National is the World Famous Horse Race in Aintree, Liverpool, England. This year's winners were: Don't Push It, Black Apalache, State of Play and Big Fella Thanks.

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People are discussing the implications (if any) of British PM Gordon Brown calling a voter a "sort of bigoted woman" when he didn't realise a microphone was still live.

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Iconic British sci-fi series about a time traveller who defeats aliens and protects planet Earth. Currently played by Matt Smith.

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Witty jokes, typically based on BBC show titles, inspired by the Comprehensive Spending Review announcement of a 6-year freeze on the License Fee.

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