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things that JLS have done to impact your life.

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JLS have just peformed on BBC Sport Relief with Lemar

Similar Topics: #becauseofjls, aston merrygold, #theclubisalive, more topics...


Fans are tweeting their love for British musician, DJ and rapper @DJIronik

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UK boyband JLS' brand new single, "The Club is Alive" is due for release on July 4th.

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Bob Bradley, coach of U.S. men's soccer team, gets four-year contract extension. Www.thekingofsportsblog.blogspot.com.

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aston merrygold

sexiest member of boyband JLS.

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paul burling

Paul Burling is an impressionist who performed in the final of ITV's Britain's Got Talent. He failed to finish in the top three contestants.

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JLS (Jack the Lad Swing) are a British boyband, who were runners-up in the fifth series of ITV reality talent show The X Factor. JLSExclusive is trending because of an announcement they will be posting on Twitter.

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The UK is getting in on the where are you from hashtag trending phenomenon. Reppin the UK.

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A Popular contestant on Britain's talent show The X Factor.

Similar Topics: archie, bradley, josie, more topics...

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