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Started by Justin Bieber, Beliebers and other Twitter users are sharing things, ideas, places or people that are or aren't the "bees knees" (i.e. of the highest quality).

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damn beliebers

Users are RTing "@LMAOTwitpics: Damn Beliebers http://twitpic.com/3rjwg1". Unfortunately, Bieber fans and foes don't know this is how the trend started.

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bieber alert

Beliebers are alert other fans around the world of a Justin Bieber sighting. He played during the NBA Celebrity All-Star game.

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justin drew bieber

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Similar Topics: damn beliebers, #proudofjustin, bieber alert, more topics...


Jay Leno has returned to hosting NBC's Tonight Show and people are talking about it.

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Justin Bieber fans are tweeting why they are proud of Justin despite him not winning an award.

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justin bieber-centric

Glee fans do NOT want Justin Bieber on Glee. at ALL. #NoBieberOnGlee.

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There is 6 days till Justin Biebers Movie.

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Because the Junos, Canada's version of the Grammys, was on national television tonight...yawn...

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