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Trending Topics related to #charismakevin

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Fans are tweeting this for ZE:A Kevin's birthday.

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ZEA is a korean boyband with 9 members. Their fans are tweeting about them and hope it'll go to be the #1 topic.

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To celebrate Korean boyband ZE:A's (Children of Empire's) 100th day, the fans are tweeting ZEA100.

Similar Topics: #zeadetonation, #clouds, #happy700thdayshinee, more topics...


U-kiss, a korean boy idol group that includes Soohyun, Alexander, Kibum, Dongho, Kevin, Eli and Kiseop are having their comeback with the single "Mworago"

Similar Topics: #elimakesmetingle, #kissmesoohyun, #ukisshwaiting, more topics...


Yoogeun- little boy from Korean show "Hello Baby" in which the kpop group SHINee act as his "dads". The most adorable boy you ever saw.

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The Korean boy band BEAST won Mnet countdown today, 160 days after their debut with their song 'SHOCK' . Beauties (BEAST's fans) are really happy and celebrating this moment

Similar Topics: #zeadetonation, #mrgukiss, doojoon, more topics...


Bang Chulyong, also known as Mir, is South Korean quintet boy band MBLAQ's youngest member and he is celebrating his 19th birthday today. His puppy face definitely captured A+'s heart!

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E.L.F. (fanclub of Korean boyband Super Junior) welcomes member, Lee Dong Hae, to Twitter. Semangat means "fight" or "keep it up!" in Indonesian language.

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Lee Sungmin of Super Junior just made a twitter account. Fans (called ELFs) are welcoming him and showing him the love by making this a trending.

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Lee Sungmin of Super Junior just made a twitter account, already confirmed and so fans (called ELFs) are welcoming him to the cybersociety.

Similar Topics: #welovesungmin, gentleman mimi, eunhyuk, more topics...

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