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ELF (Super Junior Fans) are Cheer-ing Up to Kyu Hyun (one member of SuJu).

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People from the Netherlands Antilles. Dirty rapper @Hefbundy from Hoogvliet is an Anti.

Similar Topics: #cheerupkyu, junior yesung, #happybdayyesung, more topics...

junior yesung

junioor Yesung is super junior yesung. he tweeted a photo of himeslf and thats why ppl are talking about him.

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There's no such thing as korean age retard.

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Today is Yesung's (from Korean group Super Junior) birthday. And ELFs from all over the world are congratulating him. , Yesung .

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Indonesian E.L.Fs (Super Junior fans) want Super Show 3.

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Kim Ryeowook, a member of one of South Korea's boy group/bands, Super Junior, is celebrating his birthday today. Super Junior fans a.k.a. E.L.Fs (Everlasting Friends) are wishing him all the best.

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Super Junior's Youngest member Cho kyuhyun had his ear surgery today, ELFs are praying for him.

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People are tweeting #ithastobeyesung to show support for Korean boyband Super Junior member, Yesung, who is currently performing "It Has To Be You" from the soundtrack of Korean drama Cinderella's Sister on Music Bank.

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