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People are tweeting about the person below there or their (?) tweet.

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Dutch people are talking about what they did #inprimaryschool.

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Dutch for "cold". After weeks of warm weather, this morning is cold in the Netherlands.

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Dutch for #didyouknow.

Similar Topics: #degeneonderdezetweet, fijne vaderdag, #opdebasisschool, more topics...

fijne vaderdag

Dutch for 'Happy Father's Day.'

Similar Topics: vaderdag, #degeneonderdezetweet, #opdebasisschool, more topics...


Spanje is the dutch word for Spain. Spain is in major financial problems, coping with its national debt. Dutch are worried about the fact that Spain might get in the Greece situation, or even financially collapse.

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From the Dutch tv show 'Oh oh Cherso' following young party peeps in Chersonissos.

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Wakker means Awake in Dutch. It's morning in Holland and people are waking up there! 'Wakker worden.'

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Habbo, Sulake's online world for teens and tweens.

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Dutch for 'Fathers Day.' .

Similar Topics: fijne vaderdag, oranje, songfestival, more topics...

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