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Demi Lovato's twitter @ddlovato was hacked and deleted./ El Twitter de Demi Lovato @ddlovato fue Hackeado y Eliminado.

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#prayfordemi is a trend that was started by her devoted fans that will support her no matter what.

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birthday miley

Miley Cyrus pretty.

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deleted her

demi lavato fans are freaking becuz she deleted her twitter account. they need to calm down.

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@ddlovato IS BACK!!

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jonas fans

People are tweeting why Jonas Fans are much more likable than Bieber fans and the war between the two is starting once again.

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Nick jonas & brothers have been making mistakes in typing. Jonas fans have made this into Jonas Language. LOGE = LOVE.

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Both Jonas Brothers & Justin Bieber fans are sharing their favorite moments of their idols.

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People are celebrating Paul Kevin Jonas II's 23rd birthday.

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Jonas Fans trying to copie beliebers.

Similar Topics: #happy23rdbdaykevinj, istayforjonas, welovekevinj, more topics...

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