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Trending Topics related to #elimakesmetingle

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Eli is from the South Korean boyband U-Kiss. Fans are celebrating his birthday by trending #elimakesmetingle. This is due to the fact that he says "You make me tingle tingle" during his rap in Bingeul Bingeul

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Soohyun is the member of U-kiss (South Korean Band). Known as the power vocal in his group. Kiss Me is the name of their official fan club, and they are all tweeting about him because it is his birthday today.

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U-kiss, a korean boy idol group that includes Soohyun, Alexander, Kibum, Dongho, Kevin, Eli and Kiseop are having their comeback with the single "Mworago"

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To celebrate Korean boyband ZE:A's (Children of Empire's) 100th day, the fans are tweeting ZEA100.

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The Korean boy band BEAST won Mnet countdown today, 160 days after their debut with their song 'SHOCK' . Beauties (BEAST's fans) are really happy and celebrating this moment

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ZEA is a korean boyband with 9 members. Their fans are tweeting about them and hope it'll go to be the #1 topic.

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Jay Park is back! Formerly known as a leader of 2PM, now he's back as a member of Art Of Movement (AOM). He is trending because he has just created a YouTube account and uploaded a song cover. He has recently setup shop at Twitter and will soon be returning to Korea to film the movie "Hyper Nation".

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All Kiss Me are giving their support to a Boy Band from Korea named U-Kiss #ukisshwaiting !

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Bang Chulyong, also known as Mir, is South Korean quintet boy band MBLAQ's youngest member and he is celebrating his 19th birthday today. His puppy face definitely captured A+'s heart!

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Fans of Soohyun, member of the Korean pop group U-KISS are wishing him happy birthday.

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