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NO! To the World Cup in England. FIFA will regret it as the 2012 Olympic Opening & Closing Ceremonies will clash with the tournament.

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richard keys

After the whole sexism debacle, he's currently going mental on Talksport.

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pardew has been appointed new Newcastle manager.

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Ed Miliband has been appointed as the new leader of the Labour party in the UK.

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FIFA is football's international governing body. People are mentioning Fifa in their tweets because today the FIFA 11 game will be released.

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The new season of the UK's 'The Apprentice' has begun tonight on BBC1. Their task is to make and sell sausages.

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Today is the last day of football's January transfer window. Lots of football rumours tend to be spring up on this day.

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Leaders of the UK's three main political parties, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg, met for the third and final time before the May 6 election on Thursday, 29 April.

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There's snow in several parts of the UK and we are using the hash-tag to symbolise we are talking aanout it ahyy.

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The Ryder Cup is a golf tournament between Europe and USA -- which the Europeans won this year.

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