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Because exhibited the Brazilian presidential debate, on TV and Internet.

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"Gs Brasiliano", a company recently owned by Petrobras, a brazilian petroleum company.

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"Petrobrax" was a suggested renaming for Petrobras, the giant oil public company controlled by the Brazilian Government, when privatizing the company was being discussed in the '90s, during Fernando Henrique Cardoso government. Recalling that is one of the greatest trumphs of Brazilian presidential candidate Dilma Rousseff's campaign against Jos Serra (himself from Fernando Henrique Cardoso's party), for most Brazilians are not for the privatization of public companies. Some would also complain that "Petrobrax" takes off exactly the most patriotic part of the company's name, "Bras" (from Brasileiro = Brazilian).

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Dilma Presidente do Brasil. Dia 31 vote 13 #soumaisdilma.

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"Be one more Dilma". Campaign to get more supporters to Dilma the predator and help electing the first woman ??? president of Brazil.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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