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Follow Friday is a tradition where, on Fridays, Twitterers share the names of people they believe are fun or interesting to follow.

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#FF stands for "Follow Friday". Every Friday Twitter users post accounts of other Twitter users they reccommend that you follow.

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People would like to end malaria, and rightly so (besides that, the fact that a figure of a mosquito linking to an anti-malaria campaign website appears when you use this hash made it very popular, specially among Brazilians).

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People are posting different "romantically challenged pick up lines".

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twitter accounts

RT of Mashable story: "Twitter accounts hacked!" Even @THErealDVORAK (John C. Dvorak) was Dvorhacked!

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google buzz

Google buzz, Google's less popular social media service, is being shut down to complete Google's transition to Google+.

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twitter phishing

RTs of a @Mashable article: ""Twitter Phishing Attack Spreading via Direct Message [WARNING]" - http://bit.ly/aFC6jj"

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direct message

RTs of a @Mashable article: ""Twitter Phishing Attack Spreading via Direct Message [WARNING]" - http://bit.ly/aFC6jj"

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@Mashable RTs: "BREAKING: Twitter Acquires Tweetie iPhone App"

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Buzz is Google's answer to social media. It's been released to Gmail users and smart mobile phones. It's integrated with all the Google apps, includes location-based features. Some are calling it the new "FriendFeed."

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