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Phrases on certain subjects, like love.

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People are tweeting about typical phrases from chilean people. #fraseschilenas is spanish for #chileanphrases.

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Spanish-speaking users are suggesting alternative careers, many of which are very funny.

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tur bus

A bus of Chile's Tur Bus transport company crashed into a truck at the Chilean Route 78. At least 17 passengers died and 26 were injured.

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"The Quintrala" was a woman of the eighteenth century, famous in the history of Chile for their crimes and abuses. In the XXI century, Mara del Pilar Prez Lpez, Called "The Quintrala", is a Chilean woman accused of numerous killings. The judge is reading the sentence, causing excitement in Chile.

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colo colo

Colo Colo is a popular soccer team in Chile.

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La Vice-Presidenta de la Junta Nacional de Jardines Infantiles, considera una mala remuneracin Ch$3.729.000, menos impuestos (US$7.840).

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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regala una poleraa.

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Gerard Paul Capdeville Castro is a Chilean former professional tennis player.

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