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Aiden Grimshaw should have never left X Factor. Fans want him signed.

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Fans want a record deal for the amazing X-Factor star Aiden Grimshaw. This is their 10th trend in eight days. Grimlings, as they are known, seem to have taken over twitter! They're making it clear what they want, and that's a contract for the unique Aiden Grimshaw! Despite the fact that he finished ninth and polled considerably less than 10% of the vote. Even Wagner finished three places above him.

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bunny ears

Aiden Grimshaw fans are trending Bunny Ears after his 'famous' dance/pick up technique. They have trended for him for 25 days! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcgeWFwkP_8.

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aiden grimshaws fit car!

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sigh naiden

Grimlings have again taken over Twitter to get Aiden Grimshaw what he deserves - A RECORD DEAL - 29trends in 36 days, the Grimlings are a force to be reckoned with!

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nedia ngis

Read it backward. (Sign Aiden) The 'Grimlings' have had their trends blocked by twitter. So they are writing Aiden Grimshaw related tweets backward.

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ask former xfactor contestant Aiden Grimshaw any questions.

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wahsmirg nedia

Wahsmirg Nedia is Aiden Grimshaw spelt backwards. Twitter tried to stop grimlings. Grimlings got creative!

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sign aid3n

Aiden Grimshaw's solo UK tour sold out within 24 hours and his fans have been trending for 50 days. Someone had better sign him soon!

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Are you a record company? Do you want to make a lot of money, some amazing music and 240,000 people very happy? Sign Aiden Grimshaw!

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