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'Choi Jonghoon,' leader of the band 'FT Island,' had his birthday. Fans are celebrating.

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Wonbin was a member of korean band FT Island, but now he is replaced by Seunghyun. Primadonnas all over the world wish that Wonbin would come back to korean music business.

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Fans celebrating Lee Hongki's birthday, lead vocal of Korean band, FT Island. Hongstar is Hongki's nickname.

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Choi Jonghun is FT Island's leader/member. FT Island is a South Korean pop-rock idol band. Their fans Primadonna are welcoming Jonghun who just created his Twitter account @FtGtJH.

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Bang Chulyong, also known as Mir, is South Korean quintet boy band MBLAQ's youngest member and he is celebrating his 19th birthday today. His puppy face definitely captured A+'s heart!

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Today is 3 years since South korean boyband FTisland debut, their fans (primadonnas) congratulate them by tweeting F3island.

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U-kiss, a korean boy idol group that includes Soohyun, Alexander, Kibum, Dongho, Kevin, Eli and Kiseop are having their comeback with the single "Mworago"

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The company of both CN Blue and FT Island, two South Korean Bands ready for a comeback. Their fans tweet #fishandcake to support them.

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indonesian elfs

because INDONESIAN ELFs love suju very much

Similar Topics: #cintashindong, #ss2taiwan, #donghaesemangat, more topics...


Soohyun is the member of U-kiss (South Korean Band). Known as the power vocal in his group. Kiss Me is the name of their official fan club, and they are all tweeting about him because it is his birthday today.

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