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It is Henry Lau's 21st birthday. Henry (nickname Mochi) is the most awesome person ever to exist (besides Jesus), an enigma of talent, brains, humor, and hotness. As a member of music group Super Junior M, Mr. Lau handles screaming fangirls with easy charm, putting to shame his Canadian counterpart "J Beebz". Henry's fans (called Strings) are celebrating this glorious day.

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milky skin

Milky skin is trending still because of Kim Hee Chul. Saranghaeyo Kim Hee Chul. Milky Skin Kim Hee Chul.

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kim hee chul~

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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skin kim hee chul

Skin Kim Hee Chul is trending because of Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul's tweet.

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Kim Hee Chul mentioned this on his post. @Heedictator: I need to go on a diet!! Skinnyman!!

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milky skin kim hee

Kim Hee Chul, of famous Korean boyband Super Junior, has been tweeting a lot these past few days. And it seems like hours ago, he tweeted "Milky skin KIM HEE" which made the fans go crazy over the nickname.

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sleepy heebum

Super Junior member Heechul posted a picture of a Sleepy Heebum, one of his cats.

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28 September is Shindong (member of South Korean boyband, Super Junior / SJ / SuJu) 's birthday. EVERYONE who put this hashtag on their tweets wish all the best for him. @ShinsFriends

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ELFs, the fans of Korean male group Super Junior, are trending to show that no matter what happens, Super Junior will always be the winner in their hearts.

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Official web about korean music pop.

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