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SHINee,a famous boyband from korea had performed their new single "Hello" at Music Bank.

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Jonghyun oppa sarangheyo!

Similar Topics: sekyung, #onewsangtaeday, #shineejapanconcert, more topics...


B2ST or BEAST is a South Korean male singer group. They were performing their first comeback stage for the third album just now on Music Bank.

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SHINee did their goodbye stage with 'Hello' on MuBank.

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Fans worldwide are cheering on SHINee for their follow-up stage, "Hello", on SBS's music program, Inkigayo. SHINee then won the Mutizen award on Inkigayo, and fans are congratulating them.

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watching music bank

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SHINee's Minho is celebrating his 19th birthday today and Flames (his fans) are celebrating it.

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Today is SHINee's (One of Korea's Top 5 contemporary boyband) first solo concert since their debut in 2008. Their concert 'SHINee World' is currently being held in Japan's Yoyogi National Stadium. There will be two time slots: 1pm KST and 6pm KST. Shawols (Fans of SHINee) are tweeting this to show support for their beloved 5 shining stars, concurrently wishing them all the best for both the stages. Both performances have been successfully and wonderfully delivered with a total of 22 songs and the 5 members' solo stages.

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Fans of the band SHINee.

Similar Topics: #shineejapanconcert, lee jinki, #onewsangtaeday, more topics...


Shawols want JongHyun, Lead Vocalist of South Korean group SHINee, to know that they will always be supporting him, no matter what. Haters to the left.

Similar Topics: #jongkyung, sekyung, #wewillprotectjjong, more topics...

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