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Trending Topics related to #infolimit

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people tweet #infolimit to inform that user's limit has been reached on Twitter!

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This happens when someone agrees with a statement. They retweet it then add double RTs as an expression that they, well, extremely agree

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People are tweeting using "#faktanya" in a sentence, which means "the fact is" in Indonesian. People are also Retweeting tweets from @FaktanyaAdalah.

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Indonesians started this. One asked his/her followers if they want a promote or not and they RT-ed it. Hence,making a chain as more and more joined them.

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Lintar is the winner of Idola Cilik (Indonesian Kid's Idol) Season 3. People are talking about his victory.

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HBU is acronym of How 'Bout You? People telling about theirselves or their activity and asking others.

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rt aja

It means that Indonesian people want to get Retweet, to forward the messages contain.

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Mau dong means "I want" in indonesian, so people are tweeting about the things they want.

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#Twitterpeduliaceh is a social movement on twitter for Aceh, which is attacked by heavy earthquake 7.2 richter scale! Translation: #twittercareforaceh.

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A replica of the meme "followfriday" where users tweet about other users that they think are worthy of following

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