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Jay Park is back! Formerly known as a leader of 2PM, now he's back as a member of Art Of Movement (AOM). He is trending because he has just created a YouTube account and uploaded a song cover. He has recently setup shop at Twitter and will soon be returning to Korea to film the movie "Hyper Nation".

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Today is Jay Park's birthday! Fans are tweeting also in support for Jay Park.

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we want jaebum back

Park Jaebum is the Leadja of South Korean boyband 2PM who left the group 5 months ago, 4 days after his MySpace scandal surfaced. 2PM fans (known as HOTTEST) want him to know they're still not tired of waiting and believe he will come back.

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Dumbfoundead featuring Jay Park & Clara just released a new track called "Clouds" and fans are showing their love & support.

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Producers have confirmed that G-Dragon of Big Bang will be making a guest appearance on Australian Soap Neighbours in July.

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After 9 months, Jay Park() is setting foot in Seoul, South Korea once again to start filming for 'Hype Nation'. Fans all over the world are waiting for him. Jay Park is the former leader of one of Korea's top boy bands, 2PM. Despite many criticisms, many people love and support him to this day.

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Park Jaebum, 'former' frontman of 2PM (popular South Korean boyband), has recently been under the spotlight after a long and controversial dispute regarding his myspace scandal, which surfaced 5 months ago. He has since left the group AND Korea, several months ago.

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Daesung, main vocalist of Korean boy group Big Bang, celebrates his birthday today. Big Bang is one of the most successful male idol groups in Asia, and helped to further the development of the K-Pop version of hip-hop. Fans are wishing him a Happy Birth"Dae."

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Eli is from the South Korean boyband U-Kiss. Fans are celebrating his birthday by trending #elimakesmetingle. This is due to the fact that he says "You make me tingle tingle" during his rap in Bingeul Bingeul

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Jay Park's (@JAYBUMAOM) dedicated fanbase trended this to encourage him to keep his head high and stay strong amidst all obstacles that he faces against naysayers. He is a bboy, rapper, singer and dancer and fans around the world wants everyone to know he is the real deal. We practice Love&Respect and won't stoop that low against other artists' fandom.

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