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"Maria" is a competitor of the reality show Big Brother Brazil 11.

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Female nickname given to the participant of Big Brother Brazil 11, Rodrigo, who is male.

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An unpopular cast member of Big Brother Brazil.

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Maumau (@MaumauOJr) um cara bem legal pena que no pode ver mulher!

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Participante do Big Brother Brasil, que est no paredo e, ao que tudo indica, ser eliminado.

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tchau diana

A castmember on Big Brother Brazil.

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Brazilian version of 'The Farm.'

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evandro mesquita

Band leader of the '80s brazilian pop rock group named "BLITZ", Evandro Mesquita and his new band was playing alive tonigh in brazilian Big Brother (11th edition).

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jabulani is the nickname of a chubby female contestant of big brother brazil that couldn't hold on a giant soft drink bottle during the leader competition and fell a lot.

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just another site to win new followers...

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