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G a y ? 21D4BF11.

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Refer To "oilspill" For Explanation.

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April 22: a day dedicated to appreciating Earth and its environment.

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CBO stands for Congressional. Budget Office. The CBO is the non-partisan budget estimator for Congress. It calculates how much each piece of proposed legislation would cost the taxpayers. This is directly tied with the Senate Finance Committee's insurance reform bill which Obama is looking at

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helen thomas

Helen Thomas has been forced into retirement by Fox News after stating that Jewish People "should get the hell out of Palestine".

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Tweets about US Health Care Reform (HCR.)

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Stephen Colbert is testifying in front of Congress.

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Austin, Texas... is home to the SXSW music, film and tech festivals which began 3/12.

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Hashtag for the Health Care Summit occurring in Washington, DC today.

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elizabeth edwards

Elizabeth Edwards has passed away 10/6/2010.

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