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Paris Parade is a Christmas parade organized by CENCOSUD's store (Paris), which mimics the great American parade.

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Primera pregunta de Quin merece ser Millonari,Errada por Lorena Capetillo.

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52 Festival Internacional de la Cancin de Via del Mar.

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Spanish-speaking users are suggesting alternative careers, many of which are very funny.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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El Abrazo (the hug) is a mega-concert with chilean and argentinian bands, the show is streaming live right now! check: http://bit.ly/gGAycj.

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Comediante e imitador chileno. Va a prslesentarse en la Teletn.

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Spanish for "My name is". Talent show. show in chile. ES: Programa de Talentos de Canal13.

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tur bus

A bus of Chile's Tur Bus transport company crashed into a truck at the Chilean Route 78. At least 17 passengers died and 26 were injured.

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"The Quintrala" was a woman of the eighteenth century, famous in the history of Chile for their crimes and abuses. In the XXI century, Mara del Pilar Prez Lpez, Called "The Quintrala", is a Chilean woman accused of numerous killings. The judge is reading the sentence, causing excitement in Chile.

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