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Pong Harjatmo is a famous Indonesian 68 year old actor that climbed up the parliament building to spray paint the words "Tegas, Adil dan Jujur" (Strict, Fair and Honest in Bahasa Indonesia). This act is done in protest to local parliament members lack of priority and dedication in doing their job.

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Indonesian people are tweeting about the hero of women in Indonesia, she's Raden Ajeng Kartini :3

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Koja is an area of North Jakarta which is currently the scene of violent clashes between residents and police.

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Nurdin Halid is a stupid dumbass who leads PSSI (Indonesian Football Association). All of Indonesian people very dissapointed with him and starting a tweet with #Nurdinturun Hashtags.

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Forum Betawi Rempug. An Indonesian people organization that celebrated their anniversary by cruising around Jakarta which ended up with some acts of anarchy with some local civilians.

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thomas cup

Go Indonesia ! Go Taufik Hidayat! Taufik Hidayat is an Indonesian player, and Indonesian people supporting him.

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Gempa bumi dan tsunami meluluhlantakkan pulau nan indah ini. #prayforindonesia.

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People are tweeting about something that happened when they met someone for the first time

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roy suryo

stupid called-by-self-an-IT-guy.. who is also idiotically arrogant..

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People keep tweeting about Nazril Ilham (Ariel), the vocalist of Indonesian famous band called PeterPan. People slang-ed word PeterPorn based on the sex tape of Ariel with two famous Indonesian actress and presenter which are now circulated in the internet.

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