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Samuel Koch was a candidate at the German Television-Show 'Wetten Dass...' ("Wanna Bet?") who had an accident during the performance of his bet. His state of health is currently uncertain. After the accident, the Live-Show was aborted.

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samuel koch

wetten dass, der morgen wieder hpft.

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Today is Jaxon's birthday, Justin Bieber's adorable little brother and he is 2.

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Justin Bieber create this tag because (s)he is idiot and sing so bad.

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Beliebers are expressing their affection for Justin Bieber.

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Fans of Justin Bieber are tweeting him "Happy Birthday" (though today is not his birthday) in a global prank to show their support for Bieber's prank-ish ways.

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justin & selena

lovers dont be mad but hey would be a bad couple.

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justin drew bieber

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Both Jonas Brothers & Justin Bieber fans are sharing their favorite moments of their idols.

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bieber alert

Beliebers are alert other fans around the world of a Justin Bieber sighting. He played during the NBA Celebrity All-Star game.

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