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Yoogeun- little boy from Korean show "Hello Baby" in which the kpop group SHINee act as his "dads". The most adorable boy you ever saw.

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Super Junior's Super Show 2 is being held right now in Taiwan. ELFs (Super Junior's Fanclub) are tweeting about them

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It's been 700 days since Korean band SHINee debuted. Fans (shawols) are wishing them a happy anniversary!

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indonesian elfs

because INDONESIAN ELFs love suju very much

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Fans are showing their support for the K-pop idol group SHINee.

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Lee Sungmin of Super Junior just made a twitter account, already confirmed and so fans (called ELFs) are welcoming him to the cybersociety.

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The film Boomerang is airing on BET.

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Shindong is a member of Super Junior. Because of his previous tweet in Indonesia, so Indonesian ELFs were suddenly tweet #cintashindong which mean love Shindong to show him their love

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E.L.F. (fanclub of Korean boyband Super Junior) welcomes member, Lee Dong Hae, to Twitter. Semangat means "fight" or "keep it up!" in Indonesian language.

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Korean boy band, Super Junior and their official fan club ELF, has made a 'Prom15e to 13elieve' in each other. 13 represents the members in 'Super Junior' while 15 represents the members in 'Super Junior Family.'

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