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Bang Chulyong, also known as Mir, is South Korean quintet boy band MBLAQ's youngest member and he is celebrating his 19th birthday today. His puppy face definitely captured A+'s heart!

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'Choi Jonghoon,' leader of the band 'FT Island,' had his birthday. Fans are celebrating.

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ZEA is a korean boyband with 9 members. Their fans are tweeting about them and hope it'll go to be the #1 topic.

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The Korean boy band BEAST won Mnet countdown today, 160 days after their debut with their song 'SHOCK' . Beauties (BEAST's fans) are really happy and celebrating this moment

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Super Junior's Super Show 2 is being held right now in Taiwan. ELFs (Super Junior's Fanclub) are tweeting about them

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Big Bang is a k-pop group from South Korea that is known for their rebel style. Today is their 1,300th day after debut, so fans (VIPs) are celebrating it.

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Fans celebrating Lee Hongki's birthday, lead vocal of Korean band, FT Island. Hongstar is Hongki's nickname.

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Yoogeun- little boy from Korean show "Hello Baby" in which the kpop group SHINee act as his "dads". The most adorable boy you ever saw.

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South Korean boyband MBLAQ (pronounced em-black) has made a "comeblaq" (comeback) to the music scene after a short hiatus. Their new video has premiered and fans are tweeting their support.

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Daesung, main vocalist of Korean boy group Big Bang, celebrates his birthday today. Big Bang is one of the most successful male idol groups in Asia, and helped to further the development of the K-Pop version of hip-hop. Fans are wishing him a Happy Birth"Dae."

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