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Salgueiro is a popular samba school from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In spite of some problems, they have just passed through Rio de Janeiro's Samba avenue, in the annual samba school parade.

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valesca popozuda

Valesca Popozuda is the lead singer of the Gaiola das Popozudas is a funk group created in the 2000s in Rio de Janeiro. Valerie posed for Playboy and was queen of the percussion of Porto da Pedra Samba Carnival in 2009.

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ana hickman

Ana Hickman is host brazilian.

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Parceira da Rede Globo e "agradaram $$" os Jurados!!

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It's a famous Samba school in Rio de Janeiro, that's parading now in Rio's carnival.

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fernanda abreu

Fernanda is a annoying woman that is doing the broadcast of the Brazillian Carnival.

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The good witch from Wicked.

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Participante do Big Brother Brasil, que est no paredo e, ao que tudo indica, ser eliminado.

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#unidosdatijuca is a samba school in Brazil for Carnival, which this year is honoring films (including Harry Potter) and making a beautiful parade.

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