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SM Entertainment first Ballad group ' S.M The Ballad ' made a debut on Music Bank today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24Ovr_ZMrNg

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Hyun Woo and Kim Min Ji are the new Music Bank's MCs! ^^.

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SHINee,a famous boyband from korea had performed their new single "Hello" at Music Bank.

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hee & jungmo

Super Junior member, Kim Heechul tweeted pictures of him with Trax's Jung Mo. Fans are commenting on the pictures.

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jonghoon & jia

They have been taken a photo with @Heedictator (Kim HeeChul) at the Golden Disk Award.

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A South Korean girl group.

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The SMTown Live in Tokyo Concert is taking place in Tokyo, Japan January 25-26. The concert includes some of Korean record label SM Entertainments most popular artists such as Super Junior, SHINee, and Girls Generation.

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Super Junior member Kim Hee Chul just tweeted a picture with his fellow member GAMEGYU (Real Name Gyuhyun). He wrote: "HEEHEE & MASI & RYEONG9 & GAMEGYU" Fans and Super Junior members gave Kyuhyun this nickname because of his game's addiction and his twitter username @Gaemgyu.

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#RespectHeenim is trending because fans want others to respect Super Junior's Kim Heechul (Heenim is a nickname). Pretty long story so please read the article at the link if you want to know more.

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min & sungmin

They have been taken a photo by @Heedictator (Kim HeeChul) at the Golden Disk Award.

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