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Beast(B2ST) korean boy band is making a comeback stage at music bank with their new song SOOM.

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JunHyung is rapper from BEAST/B2ST his twitter account is @Joker891219. He looks so cool in music bank today.

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SHINee is the boy group from South Korea. Today they revealed "Hello" music video from their repackaged album. Fans, called SHAWOLS are excited about it.

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B2ST or BEAST is a South Korean male singer group. They were performing their first comeback stage for the third album just now on Music Bank.

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19 December is a special day for B2ST & B2UTIES ! A special guy was born --- @Joker891219 is so fly like a G6 !

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Beast are the winners of Music Core, a South Korean music television programme aired on SBS. They won with their song Beautiful.

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Junhyung (rapper) and Yoseob (vocalist) of the Korean band BEAST release their duet song 'Thanks To' today! It is a love letter to fans around the world.

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yong junhyung

Yoo Junhyung @Joker891219 is the Kpop boyband B2ST aka BEAST's rapper. Their fans B2UTIES are trending #PIKAJUN because today is his birthday and he is way too awesome!

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beast airline

B2UTIES are very excited about BEAST's first ever concert to be held on 12.12.2010 in Korea so they are tweeting about this to show their support for BEAST.

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A member of BEAST (K-Pop male group), Yang Yoseob, has just gone through a surgery. Fans are showing their sympathy through the hash-tag.

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