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Paramore fans are saying thanks to their favorite band for various reasons.

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josh farro

"I don't miss Paramore one bit." - ex-band member Josh Farro says in Kerrang's new issue.

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All the Paramore Fans are excited because Paramore are releasing a new song soon called Monster. This trend was started by @ParamoreGB.

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Paramore fans expressing their love and support as @Paramore reaches 1 million followers! Paramore is (still) a band. This is the 3rd trend this month.

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Paramore fans are showing their love for their favorite band, by wearing their Paramore shirts today! This awesome day was set up by @ParamoreUK_IRE.

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paramore & paralovers

We love Paramore, because WE ARE PARAMORE. @JssParamore.

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Paramore fans are explaining the reasons why they love this awesome band made up of @yelyahwilliams @schzimmydeanie and @itstayloryall PARAMORE IS A BAND.

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zac farro

Zac Farro, drummer of Paramore, leaves the band.

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birthday hayley

It's Hayley Williams' (singer of the band Paramore) birthday today. She's 22.

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Josh Farro and Zac Farro leaves their band, Paramore.

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