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Indonesian people are thanking coach Alfred Riedl, who they credit for Indonesia national team's good performance in 2010 AFF Cup.

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pssi pertahankan

Unfortunate stemming of "PSSI Pertahankan Riedl". Indonesian Supporter's plea to the National Football Association ( "PSSI" ) to retain ( "Pertahankan" ) Riedl as the coach of the national team.

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support garuda

People all around Indonesia is supporting football national team in AFF Suzuki Cup Final tonight in Bukit Jalil National Football Field, Malaysia.

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Indonesian for "you're handsome, but it's useless because..." - lighthearted tweets about handsome men who are embarrassing in some ways. for women, it's #percumacantik, "you're beautiful, but..."

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congratulation malaysia

We Indonesian Twitter Users congratulate Malaysia for their victory at 2010 AFF Cup. Let's uphold sportsmanship.

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Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia - The place for Indonesia vs Thailand football match tonight (Dec 7) #AFFSuzukiCup2010.

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Malaysian supporters used laser-like lights to allegedly distract Indonesian players during 1st leg of 2010 AFF Cup Final match, Dec 26th.

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But I like irfan bachdim.

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TimNas here is particularly standing for Tim Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian Football) the best team in Asia.

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Indonesian football player,He's HOT sexy and Super Cute!

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