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Trending Topics related to #traduzaonomedeumabanda

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Brazilians are translating names of bands and tweeting about it.

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Stands for "4 words in the dark", people are tweeting four words they might say when in the dark.

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black yead peas

"Black Eyed Peas", misspelled by Galvao (Brazilian reporter).

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"Aprendi com filmes americanos" means "What I learnt from American movies". Brazilian people are tweeting things they've "learnt" from American movies. E.g. "If you jump holding a gun, then you can shoot everyone you want", "The beautiful boy will always fall for a poor/ugly girl when she takes her glasses off", "Any kind of wars and epidemics always start in USA", "A good guy is an awesome shooter", "There is no need to lock your car after parking", "People's hair are alwayas good looking when they wake up".

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Porcus is a Brazilian soccer team, this team has lost today, so we changed the holiday,Corpus Christ to Porcus Tristis (tristis = sad)

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pelanza morreu

fake death of a brazilian rock star in order to reach trending topics in Brazil.

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Geisy Arruda whose miniskirt got her expelled from school and made her a Brazilian fascination.

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Objectifying women is soooo cool.

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Thd citizens of Brazil are tweeting their love for British Band McFly.

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