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Ultimate Big Brother (UK) it suckkkssss. www.demboyzmusic.com.

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Ultimate Big Brother. The (real) final of UK Big Brother where old housemated are returning. It's almost over people.

Similar Topics: #ubb, josie, #bb11, more topics...


The winner of Big Brother 11 in the UK walked out of Ultimate Big Brother today.().

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Big Brother UK series finale airs tomorrow night. Josie and Dave are the Final 2.

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The former Celebrity Big Brother winner has now re-entered the house for Ultimate Big Brother UK. She is in the house with her ex-husband/ former house mate Preston.

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Second evictee in the semi final of BB11.

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diva fever

Is actually spelled Diva Feva! (No its not, it is Diva Fever).

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john james

Big Brother UK housemate that deserves to win. He's had his arguments but he's a great guy as well...

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A wildcard contestant on The X Factor in the UK on ITV1.

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The BBC's annual Children in Need fundraising event. #pudsey2010.

Similar Topics: diva fever, aiden, #corrielive, more topics...

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