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Trending Topics related to #verplichtnederlandstalig

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Geert Wilders Freedom Party (PVV) wants radio2 to broadcast more Dutch language songs. In reaction, Twitter users are twittering (often funny) Dutch translations of English text.

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Great Social Media event in Utrecht.

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It's national complimentday in the Netherlands. Say something nice about someone else.

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Netherlands national elections of 9 June 2010. TK2010 stands for 'Tweede Kamer 2010' (House of Representatives/Parliament).

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People are tweeting about a live TV debate between political party leaders for the Dutch general elections held in June. The debate is aired by TV channel RTL 4 and is held in the Amsterdam-based Carr Theater.

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Dutch twitter community is upset because NL newspaper Telegraaf called 9-yr old Ruben, only surviver of airplanecrash in Libia. Ruben didn't know yet that his parents and brother were killed in the crash.

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The Dutch parlement has just decided to start a new police-training mission in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

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The Netherlands (Nederland) is playing a soccer match against Uruguay.

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The Voice of Holland, Dutch talentshow on RTL4.

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A spontaneous brain dump for names of artist who will not make the top charts.

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