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Trending Topics related to #welovehenmi

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Fans are expressing love for Super Junior-M members, Henry and Zhoumi

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A sub member of Super Junior who's having his birthday today. Fans (called ELFs) are wishing him a happy birthday and showing their support for him.

Similar Topics: #welovehenmi, gentleman mimi, #welovehenry, more topics...

gentleman mimi

Zhoumi is a member of Super Junior M, a lot of fans are supporting him and wishing him a happy birthday. He once nicknamed himself Gentleman Mimi, fans like to call him that since.

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Lee Sungmin of Super Junior just made a twitter account. Fans (called ELFs) are welcoming him and showing him the love by making this a trending.

Similar Topics: gentleman mimi, sungmin, #welcomebacksj, more topics...


Lee Sungmin of Super Junior just made a twitter account, already confirmed and so fans (called ELFs) are welcoming him to the cybersociety.

Similar Topics: #welovesungmin, gentleman mimi, eunhyuk, more topics...


TwELFs (Twitter ELFs), a community dedicated to bringing the latest news about the Best Korean boyband Super Junior, celebrates as it gathers over 10,000 followers and ELFs in the Twitterverse.

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Henry Lau, Super Junior M's magnae. It is confirmed that @henrylau89 is his own twitter account. People are showing their love.

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Korean idol group, SUPER JUNIOR just released an MV teaser for their new single, Miinah. Their fan club (ELFs) is welcoming them with their 4th album!

Similar Topics: #sj4thalbumsoon, sungmin, #welovesungmin, more topics...


A hashtag to support Lee HyukJae (EunHyuk of Super Junior, World's biggest boyband and Korea's best boyband). He's been unwell for awhile and ELFs (SJ's fans) are trending this to show him support. Get well soon, EunHyuk!

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Korea's best and most popular band, Super Junior is going to release their 4th album soon. "Sorry Sorry, but it is our time again" is the slogan for the 4th album.

Similar Topics: #welcomebacksj, #welovehenry, sungmin, more topics...

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