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Windows Phone 7.

Similar Topics: #mix10, wp7, windows phone, more topics...


Tag for the "Mix 2010 Conference" in Las Vegas - March 15th - 17th

Similar Topics: windows phone 7, #wp7, wp7, more topics...


Windows Phone 7.

Similar Topics: windows phone, elop, symbian, more topics...

windows phone

Steve Ballmer ha presentado en Barcelona Windows Phone 7 Serie.

Similar Topics: wp7, meego, elop, more topics...

windows phone 7

At the MIX conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft said that "Everyone's Windows Phone 7 Series device is a Zune."

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Nokia strategy plans to leverage growth economies to connect the next billion people to Web.

Similar Topics: elop, #nokiaworld, meego, more topics...


Microsofts Stephen Elop is new CEO of Nokia.

Similar Topics: meego, wp7, symbian, more topics...


Oracle has sued Google over the virtual machine that runs applications in Android.

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nexus two

The Nexus Two is real. It's made by Samsung, and a friend of ours got to play with it. It's not going rock your face like the Nexus One did. But it will record it with a front-facing camera.

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ie9 beta

IE9 Beta (Internet Explorer 9) was launched by Microsoft today in an event in San Francisco.

Similar Topics: #mix10, stekelenburg, windows phone 7, more topics...

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