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adam dunn

Slugger Adam Dunn made good on his promise to flip the switch on Opening Day, and the White Sox followed his lead with an 18-hit assault in their 15-10 victory against the Cleveland Indians on Friday.

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chicago cubs

It's a sad day for the Cubs family. Ron Santo was a Cubs legendary player & broadcaster has passed away.

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colt brennan

ESPN - Former University of Hawaii, Washington Redskins QB Colt Brennan seriously injured in car crash.

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bill simmons

Greatest of all time.

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ruby dee

She was honored at #BlackGirlsRock awards.

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Philadelphia Phillies' right-hander Joe Blanton.

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celebrity rehab

Celebrity Rehab is led by Dr. Drew Pinsky & chronicles the process of recovery for celebrities struggling with addiction.

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left knee knocked out.

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madison bumgarner

GDI of the week.

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father guido

He did the benediction at the Jon Stewart's Rally for Sanity/Stephen Colbert's March to Keep Fear Alive.

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