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Aiden Grimshaw is a contestant from XFactor UK. He became popular after singing Mad World on the first live show on Saturday.

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People are tweeting about X Factor (UK) contestant Nicolo Festa who got the boot tonight. Boo.

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The winner of Big Brother 11 in the UK walked out of Ultimate Big Brother today.().

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The BBC's annual Children in Need fundraising event. #pudsey2010.

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He's an X factor contestant.

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The Nation Television Awards are currently on ITV1 in the UK and Northern Ireland

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cute boyband just voted of the xfactor.

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diva fever

Is actually spelled Diva Feva! (No its not, it is Diva Fever).

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A wildcard contestant on The X Factor in the UK on ITV1.

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UK Rapper DJ Ironik has been stabbed in the backside by robbers who attacked him for his bling.

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