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Aiden Grimshaw IS the Easter Bunny. How else did you think you your chocolate eggs arrive at your house?.

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Are you a record company? Do you want to make a lot of money, some amazing music and 240,000 people very happy? Sign Aiden Grimshaw!

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Trend is in support of Aiden Grimshaw, a British singer songwriter.

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Grimlings all around the world are wishing British singer Aiden Grimshaw good luck in the X Factor tour which kicks of today!

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sign aid3n

Aiden Grimshaw's solo UK tour sold out within 24 hours and his fans have been trending for 50 days. Someone had better sign him soon!

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sigh naiden

Grimlings have again taken over Twitter to get Aiden Grimshaw what he deserves - A RECORD DEAL - 29trends in 36 days, the Grimlings are a force to be reckoned with!

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wahsmirg nedia

Wahsmirg Nedia is Aiden Grimshaw spelt backwards. Twitter tried to stop grimlings. Grimlings got creative!

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As it's Valentine's Day (oh, you didn't forget, did you? Quick, to the garage for some flowers and chocs), fans of Aiden Grimshaw want him to know that they adore him!

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siign aiiden

Struggling to break the code? Try taking an i out of each word. Got it? Well done you! (Aiden Grimshaw needs a record deal).

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bunny ears

Aiden Grimshaw fans are trending Bunny Ears after his 'famous' dance/pick up technique. They have trended for him for 25 days! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcgeWFwkP_8.

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