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aidzin wal faidzin

Moslem always said this phrase to show forgiveness each other. For idul fitri day. Happy Idul Fitri!

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wal faidzin

This word ussualy used at the end of ramadhan day every islamic year. This day is the last day of fasting day at ramadhan month, minal aidzin wal fa idzin, happy iedul fitri day to all moslem in the world.

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minal aidzin walfaidzin

Means "let's forgive each other" to welcome Idul Fitri, muslims' holy day.

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aidzin walfaidzin

Means "May you be part of the people who return to purity and part of people who are granted glory". Indonesian misunderstood with let's forgive each other.

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People are tweeting using "#faktanya" in a sentence, which means "the fact is" in Indonesian. People are also Retweeting tweets from @FaktanyaAdalah.

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Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia - The place for Indonesia vs Thailand football match tonight (Dec 7) #AFFSuzukiCup2010.

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Ingin sehat selalu and have happines on 25...

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Mau dong means "I want" in indonesian, so people are tweeting about the things they want.

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Sholat Sunnah in Ramadhan month.

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sholat ied

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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