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aidzin walfaidzin

Means "May you be part of the people who return to purity and part of people who are granted glory". Indonesian misunderstood with let's forgive each other.

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minal aidzin walfaidzin

Means "let's forgive each other" to welcome Idul Fitri, muslims' holy day.

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aidzin wal faidzin

Moslem always said this phrase to show forgiveness each other. For idul fitri day. Happy Idul Fitri!

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wal faidzin

This word ussualy used at the end of ramadhan day every islamic year. This day is the last day of fasting day at ramadhan month, minal aidzin wal fa idzin, happy iedul fitri day to all moslem in the world.

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Aidzin has the different meaning with aidin.

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Sholat Sunnah in Ramadhan month.

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ReTweet Mistake like this :DRT (:D RT).

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The prayers which muslims hold every night during the holy month of Ramadan. By the end of the month the whole of the Qur'an is recited by the imam (leader of the prayers).

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On last night ramadhan,.

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aidzin wal

Today is Eidul Fitr, an important day for Muslims. Everyone says "minal AIDZIN WAL faidzin," the meaning is similar to "please forgive all of my mistakes."

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