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album cover

Kanye West sets the internet on fire with provocative album cover, and already banned from Walmart....

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pink friday

Assista ao vivo | Watch Live: .

Similar Topics: album cover, #nickionsnl, old nicki, more topics...


Muny is a bonus track on Nicki Minaj's album Pink Friday.

Similar Topics: old nicki, romans revenge, blazin, more topics...

romans revenge

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

Similar Topics: blazin, old nicki, muny, more topics...


Rapper Nicki Minaj is on SNL & her d!ckriding fans are tweeting about it.

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Fans of Nicki Minaj take another opportunity to d!ckride her by quoting lyrics & such.

Similar Topics: superbassvideo, romans revenge, muny, more topics...


Nicki Minaj, aka The Queen of Hip-Hop, will be performing on 'Dancing with the Stars' Tonight at 9pm ET/PT on ABC! Don't miss out on this Moment 4 Life!

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old nicki

Dear Old Nicki is a song off Nicki Minaj's Debut album Pink Friday and #teamminaj are expressing how much they love this song !

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Nicki Minaj's video debuts today!

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Blazin is a hot Nicki Minaj song feat Kanye West. Its trending because the song is GREAT.

Similar Topics: romans revenge, old nicki, muny, more topics...

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