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ana maria braga

Brazilian TV Host.

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Brazilians are using the Internet to chat with their President: http://twitcam.livestream.com/2scs4.

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presidente dilma

Dilma Vana Roussef is the first woman elected to the Presidency of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

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Some People are declaring vote for Dilma, Workers Party candidate to succeed Lula in Brazil's presidential election this Sunday.

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TV Record is promoting tonight a presidencial debate in Brazil.

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Happy birthday @kimkardashian. Serra, a Brazilian candidate in the presidential elections, was recently hit by debris thrown by some Workers Party (PT) members while campaigning in Rio de Janeiro for his election. Those believe he feigned pain, much like Chilean goalkeeper Rojas did in a soccer game in Brazil.

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President Lula announces today that Brazil won't extradite Cesare Battisti to Italy.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Antnio Banderas foi o convidado especial de hoje do pragama Mais Voc.

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October 27 is the birthday of Brazil's President Luis Inacio "Lula" da Silva. After eight years as president and 83% approval in his government, Lula celebrates 65 years old. The tag was created by Dilma Rousseff, who runs for president of Brazil for Lula's party (Worker's Party), to congratulate the President Lula.

Similar Topics: #dia31vote13, #voude13, #serrarojas, more topics...

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