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Today is the season 7 premire of Grey's Anatomy in the US.

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Martha Plimpton from Raising Hope sang God Bless America at World Series game 3.

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Jonathan Brookins Wins TUF 12 Ultimate Fighter Finale.

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brad womack

Brad Womack was on "The Bachelor."

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nikki haley

Because she called for transparency in government but is deleting internal emails.

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afc champions

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the AFC Champions after defeating the New York Jets in the NFL Playoffs.

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left knee knocked out.

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jonathan sanchez

Benches Clear After Giants' Jonathan Sanchez Plunks Phillies' Chase Utley.

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austin collie

Had helmet to helmet hit, he's fine now with just a concussion.

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bucky gunts

Bucky Gunts accepts the Outstanding Directing for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Special award onstage at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. LULZ Gunts.

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