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antony green

abc news cheif election analyst. currently predicting the outcome of the NSW state election. a landslide to the liberal party.

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bobby lashley

Former WWE and TNA star Bobby Lashley defeated John Ott at the Titan Fighting Championships MMA show last night by decision.

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nsw labor

Labor politicians in New South Wales, Australia are doing badly in election counting.

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People are tweeting about the Swedish Social Democrats extraordinary congress which has been taking place in Stockholm.

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seat in the NSW election currently being counted.

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Users are changing movie titles to include Australian politicians.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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ian nelson

Ian Nelson, the Queensland State Director of the One Nation Party, is on political talk show Q and A (from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) tonight, Feb 21. People are tweeting reactions to his comments on various issues facing Australian politics at this time.

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pauline hanson

Foxy red head who knows her way around a deep fryer.

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projeto paralelo

Projeto Paralelo (Side Project) is the name of the new album of NX Zero, a brazilian band.

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