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Saul Anuzis is one of the leading candidates to head the Republican National Committee.

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Steele High School is advancing on to the State Championship for Texas high school football.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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The Conservative Political Action Conference (underway)

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Republicans debate in South Carolina.

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CPAC is the major conservative conference in America, attended by Republican candidates, politicians, and supporters. Rep. Ron Paul has won the 2012 Presidential Straw Poll at CPAC.

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Hashtag for the Health Care Summit occurring in Washington, DC today.

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CBO stands for Congressional. Budget Office. The CBO is the non-partisan budget estimator for Congress. It calculates how much each piece of proposed legislation would cost the taxpayers. This is directly tied with the Senate Finance Committee's insurance reform bill which Obama is looking at

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Tweets about US Health Care Reform (HCR.)

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Richard Blumenthal is the attorney general of Connecticut and a democratic candidate running for Chris Dodd's senate seat. The New York Times recently published a bombshell article indicating that Blumenthal misled the public about his service during Vietnam in the Marine Corps Reserve.

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