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HP buys cyber security firm ArcSight for US $1.5 billion.

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Dell Tops Hewlett-Packard's Bid For 3Par.

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Intel acquires McAfee for $7.68 billion.

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(INTC) agreed to buy the wireless unit of Germany's Infineon Technologies AG (IFX.XE) for $1.4 billion, or EUR1.1 billion in cash,.

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Oracle has sued Google over the virtual machine that runs applications in Android.

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Spin off of earnings, file your taxes or you'll soon hear from the I.R.S just ask Wesley Snipes.

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playbook tablet

Just release pics and information about PlayBook... Its like an iPad but from Blackberry (RIM).

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Oracle to buy e-commerce company ATG for $1 billion.

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The UAE telecommunications watchdog said it will suspend messaging, e-mail and Web browsing services starting October 11.

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microsoft kin

Microsoft's pair of messaging phones released on Verizon in the US have been discontinued after barely a month due to poor sales.

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