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ariadna thalia

Spanish website says that the participant Ariadna Thalia Arantes "BBB11" is a transsexual.

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talula pascoli

PT: Talula uma das Participantes da Nova Edio do #BBB11. EN: Talula is one of the participants of the new edition of Brazil Big Brother.

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saiu pelado vengent

EN:The BBB11, Rodrigo Carvalho, 26, is director and once posed nude for a magazine aimed at gay audiences. PT:O BBB11, Rodrigo Carvalho, de 26, administrador e j posou nu para uma revista voltada para o pblico gay.

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fernanda vasconcellos

Fernanda Vasconcellos aparece sem umbigo em um comercial da TV.

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Ariadna says the singer Anah.

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chapolin colorado

Chapolin Colorado (El Chapulin Colorado), antiga srie cmica mexicana de sucesso na TV brasileira, poder virar filme. "No contavam com minha astcia" disse o prprio.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Phrses that dictate your life.

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Maumau (@MaumauOJr) um cara bem legal pena que no pode ver mulher!

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An unpopular cast member of Big Brother Brazil.

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