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Ariana is trending because it's the name of victorious star Ariana Grande and she's amazing and has millions of fans so her name is trending.

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Keep tweeting her this until she follows back.

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Selectors are trending this because they feel Selena Gomez should be respected as not only an artist, but a person.

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Fans are sending @ArianaGrande questions to answer. She is an American actress, model, and singer who plays the role of Cat Valentine on Victorious.

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Smilers (Miley Cyrus fans) are showing their support for @MileyCyrus on Twitter and tweeting why they love her.

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Fans of actress/singer Demi Lovato are tweeting their support for the star after a mean-spirited trending topic last night mocking her history of self-mutilation.

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tom petterson

People just need to leave him alone. Like I love Justin and all, but don't wish death on the dude. Chill out Biebers. Justin ain't dead.

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bieber alert

Beliebers are alert other fans around the world of a Justin Bieber sighting. He played during the NBA Celebrity All-Star game.

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demi & cutters


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justin & biebtards

Stating that Justin Bieber's fanbase is made up mostly of those with mental retardation.

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