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Spanish for shooting, this is happening in Mexico City in Bosques de las Lomas.

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There's been a shooting in Forest Tamarindos, Mexico.

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People are being warned of a shootout in Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico.

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dragons den

A UK TV series.

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diego arria

Diplomatico Venezolano que acaba de intervenir en debate sobre la presencia de paramilitares en CNN en Espanol.

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the nickname given to Karrine Steffans, whose biography was on TV One.

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Nortec (from the combination of "Northern" and "techno") is an electronic music genre that became popular in 2001. Nortec's music is characterized by hard dance beats and samples from traditional forms of Mexican music (Banda Sinaloense) and horns are often used.

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The former St. Louis Cardinals centerfielder, currently with the Milwaukee Brewers, has been traded to the Cincinnati Reds.

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ooijer naar

Soccer player Andre Ooijer is returning to AFC AJAX.

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It is a weather forecast abbreviation for "Clear".

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